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About Us


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The Cultural Policy Hub at OCAD University is a partnership that facilitates and expands the arts and cultural sector’s capacity in policymaking, research, data analysis, program innovation, and knowledge mobilization and exchange.

The Hub is a national, bilingual platform that builds communities of practice among researchers, policymakers, artists, and creators from across Canada’s academic, government, non-profit and private spheres. It will support cultural policy decision-making from the local to the national levels and be a partner in public policy issues to which the cultural sector contributes—and those by which the sector is affected.





The arts and cultural sector—which includes the not-for-profit and creative industries—is like all sectors of society in a period of profound and persistent change. Globally, new collaborations and solutions are urgently needed to address the climate emergency, COVID and future pandemics, economic uncertainty, and increased polarization in democratic societies.

These pressures are felt by all sectors, and the arts and culture is no exception. For it to thrive in this chaotic time and contribute to a better future, it must, like other sectors, fundamentally re-think the objectives, tools, and dominant voices that shape cultural policy. Colonial cultural narratives and policies of the past must be examined, disrupted, and replaced.

The Hub is anchored in an established research and education environment to ensure its sustainability. OCAD U is uniquely positioned to play this role as both a postsecondary educational institute and major cultural sector player and collaborator.


The Hub aims to build informed, inclusive, and integrated cultural policy in Canada.

  • Informed: policy decisions are based on the best evidence—data and research—available in academia, in community, in practice, and internationally.
  • Inclusive: policy processes are innovative, ethical, democratic, and accessible. They empower participation by equity-seeking and other groups whose experiences, creative practice, and knowledge have historically been excluded from policy debates. The Hub’s intention is that our ways of working build new pathways, including ways of knowing and sharing that are led by and for Indigenous peoples.
  • Integrated: policy in the arts and cultural sector is connected to broader public policy issues to which it can contribute. Artists, creators, and policy makers at the city/local, provincial/territorial and federal level work together on shared solutions.


The Hub is championed by OCAD University’s President and Vice-Chancellor Ana Serrano and will be led by the Office of Government Relations & Public Policy.

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Ana Serrano            
President & Vice Chancellor
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Miriam Kramer            
Executive Director, Government             
& Community Relations, and Public Policy 
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Kelly Wilhelm            
Head, Cultural Policy Hub
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Samuel La France            
Manager, Cultural Policy Hub
Alycia Shanika            
Policy Advisor, Cultural Policy Hub